I started the day mailing Pams CD back to her, worked, raced to the city council meeting that didn’t end until 9:30. Got home to a house at 104 degrees. The water pump went out. Fed and spritzed everybody and headed for the Potter event. It was enormous fun. Can’t wait for the next one. Staggered around Walmart getting water pumps and pads. Reached home at 4:30. Up at 6 to deal with the water pump and back to work, I’m sure surprised the birds are perky, I guess heat doesn’t bother them as long as they have plenty of water and air. After the crazy agenda yesterday I amaze myself. Can’t wait for the weekend. There will be a nap and lots of eating. All I had yesterday was a bucket of popcorn and a jug of tea. Somebody left the back door and the gate open yesterday. This morning pretty boy and bubbie escaped and cavorted around the neighborhood until the dog next door scared pretty boy and he nearly knocked the fence over trying to get back in. Bubbi kept going as usual. I’ve posted signs to keep doors closed.

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