My router went out and the techie forgot to put in the repair ticket. No internet for days. Yertle got so hot that he jumped the fence and tried to find a cooler spot. He jumped off the table and did not survive the fall. It was so hot yesterday that I thought I was going to pass out. All dogs have their toungues hanging out and the birds stretch out their wings when I mist them. I changed the pads (di and john helped) and it has made a big difference. I’m sorry I waited so long. It’s 82 in here so it’s 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. new pads working great. I was so depressed and so was everybody else, that I took them to Denny’s for the banana split cure. It worked we all left with improved attitudes even though it was still 110 at 9 p.m.. I’m off to the cottage, hope it’s cooler than the last time I worked. I got a call from JR for a report on the hosp situation. He’s in W VA and won’t be back until november. I promised to keep him up as things progress.

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