Brother called yesterday morning and invited me to dinner with him and connie. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we were in Fiesta for two hours! Everybody in his corner of the world is just fine. He went to see Emilio who commented that brother was even fatter than the last time. I think he was glad he hadn’t invited him to eat with us. Connie said that Paul and Helen are quite anxious to dispose of the ranch so that should go quickly. I had a taco salad, first time for me, and it is destined to become a real favorite. I found a soaker for toot at Ace. Ace has a really fine garden stuff section. No need looking anywhere else. I sent the birthday package off this morning. Toot should have it tomorrow. I puffed up like a toad and it isn’t bloat. Too many meals out. I’d better avoid emilio or he’ll point out my girth to me.

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