disaster averted

I attacked the parlor and took out time to clean the birdcage. I put the cage with the birds in it on the porch and removed the tray and the screeen with it. Big mistake! Chiqui got through the tray slot and escaped. Pretty boy did a stellar job of herding chiqui into my net and we caught him. Bubbi is not at all interested in the birds and pretty boy  tried not to catch him. He just herded him out of the bushes on to the porch and waited for me scoop him up in the net.  I guess the last homicide was accidental. The net worked beautifully and Chiqui is actually glad to be back home. Chiqui did not bite me. Amazing!  After yesterday and the day before soaking of everything it is horridly humid. The g-man came and dumped the dumpster and I arranged to do a big clearing of the back yard next week with John.

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