don’t go to marshalls

I got all excited about the coming holidays(halloween and turkey day) and went to Marshalls because she said they had some really cute things. They did. I got stuff for Halloween, the day of the dead, and turkey day. The trouble came when I passed a shelf of imported munchies! Smoked salmon pate, english shortbread, lemon curd fig jam, crackers(the fancy kind) candy, cookies, more jam. Three huge bags full of munchies. Stay away from Marshalls,  it is dangerous. I started a little scrap journal with the book toot sent me. I’m really liking the idea. I heard from an artist trading card artist so now I have to make one. I like that idea too. Keeps me from thinking about the yard labor. With all this artistic stuff I’m going to need all those snacks to keep my strength up!

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