One for the books

About an hour ago the fire engines and two cop cars stopped across the street looking for 510 acoma looking for a fire. We were all out on the street watching the excitement. There was no fire on this block. They raced around the corner like a parade. Two cops in the lead followed by a huge fire engine, an ambulance and the chief. In a few minutes they came down a street and back up the acoma 400 block turned right to broadway. It looked like a keystone cop movie. I still don’t know if they found the fire or not. We could smell wood burning but no one knows where it was coming from….including the fire department and the local sheriffs. Later I shall report on the fake palm  planted smack dab in the middle of the driveway across the street. Quite lovely surrounded by fake deer and fake flowers. But why in the middle of the driveway? It took her an hour to dig the hole to plant the fake tree. I just don’t have the whole story yet. As toot would say,"all will be revealed."

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