the mall

Worked from 5 to 8 and built a good pile for John to dump. That was yesterday. I also worked the mall but was exhausted when I got there. It was fun. I sold a washer, a stove, some tea pots and pink glass. I ran around like a little donkey and my feet hurt! She’s coming back in two weeks to pick up the big stuff and has picked out some lladro and other stuff for her husband to buy for her birthday. They are giving a tea party in the mountains and need two pots for every table. I guess the tea parties are alive and well in the southland. I bought some cuppa and scotish afternoon at Marshalls the day I went berserk. I also got shortbread. I think the next time I work at the cottage I’ll put out the tea. I  went to mass after work in bhc. I got home about 7:30 and I went to sleep. Today I poked at the back yard and helped John take down the destroyed cover in the front yard. That was it folks, I can go no more. It’s a scorcher. I’m going out to take a look at the scraps at the dollar store and pick up my pills. No cooking. I can barely move. I feel like a steamed cauliflower.

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