maggie’s bruschetta

Tootie went to the julia movie again and gave me the recipe for the stuff they were eating that left me wanting some. Here is my version: Chop tomatos,garlic and red bell pepper small, tear basil into it, shave fresh parmesan into it,  drizzle olive oil  all over and mix it up. Set aside. Heat olive oil and a pat of butter over medium heat. Toast a chibata split in two until golden. Spoon tomato on bread. Sprinkle shaved parmesan over top and eat. It truly is yummy. Not much got done today. Way, way too hot to move around much.

3 responses to “maggie’s bruschetta

  1. Margaret, I saw the movie yesterday and noted that she used fresh tomatoes. I bet it would be yummy too if you added the step of putting it under the broiler or in the toaster oven for a few minutes to warm up the tomatoes and melt the cheese. I’ll have to try it. Must find really nice tomatoes first. I think that is the key. -JW

  2. I had another one for breakfast. Oh boy! so much for oatmeal. You are right. Tomorrow if I get up early enough I’ll bring you some home grown toms. You gotta try this. It’s fast and easy.

  3. How the hell did I miss Bruschetta???????