I’m moving into a new double space and spending 20 dollars less and cutting out a day. It’s going to take up some time setting it up, but that’s o.k.  I know it will be easier eventually. Negotiated with sherry to work solo if they open and close. I just don’t want to be responsible for the alarm and the keys. The very first thing I’ll do is lose them. Booths are supposed to do that but I assured them I am a fruitcake and they would sleep easier if I didn’t. Weather? Oh my goodness it is so cool. I didn’t even run the swampers last night and today. My button lady is in town so I’ll have to look at gathering some up. There is a man coming to the cottage the 1 to look at the trains and a german military expert appraised my buckle and button at 65 and 35 bucks. I will put them at the mall and if they don’t move I should have a locked case by the first and I’ll move them to the cottage. Need to start collecting some fabulous fakes to put in too. Jewelry and such. shelved myself silly. I’m pooped. I’ll get the shelves at home ready to move to the cottage first thing in the morning!

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