nothing right

Nothing went right for me today. The bookcase John took to the cottage flew out and is a pile of splinters. The next one was too big and he had to operate on it. The veneer pulled away and the gorilla glue is not working. I got half way out of my old shelf and since I do not have a key…I had to leave when the cashier left. I’m half ass half way through the project I saw as completed by 4. Not! Now I’m on the hunt for some accordion mug hangers like the old timey ones in everybody’s kitchen. Not a one in this whole valley. I cut my finger and no bandaid. It just goes on. Suffice to say, I have survived my own personal black friday. Sure hope tomorrow goes better because I can takes no more. On the plus side I got to see Betsy, Naomi’s daughter. She gave me all the family news. Hadn’t seen her in a year. She invited me to come to her preschool. She is quite proud of it. I found puffs(my nose is running). It is still under 90 in the day time. The birds and the dogs are loving it. I scrambled up everything in the house but what else is new? I made it through some glitches and now I’m taking my aching feet to bed. Kenny Lucas who has no problems is about to go belly up. So I comfort myself with the fact that it could be worse. I am fine, just fine and dandy. Kenny’s vital organs are shutting down. See? It could be worse. After all tomorrow is another day!

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