I arrived back at the cottage ready to do battle. Don was standing in the middle of the space phone in hand. "We need to put this shelf against the other wall it just won’t work. It is too dark and sticks out too much." Uh huh, I reply. That fire extinguisher would have to come down. He looked at me and dialed to let the other owner know it was coming down"We have to keep me and margaret happy don’T we? Especially him, I thought. He went for a screw driver and by noon the space was just like I envisioned it before the whole struggle started. I’m two days behind, but today I get to arrange. Hope this is it because I only have one more day on this weekend and absolutely nothing else has been done. I didn’t find the mug rack. I’m going to try the mall after I finish the space. I might even see if there is a good movie over there. It is still cool. I did the novena and saw Yo. Didn’t have time to chat she was off to have cake with her dad. It’s his birthday.

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