much progress

Checked everything off on my list. I can open the door to the workroom. The mountain of boxes is neatly stacked or dumped elsewhere. I can see three bins of linens to take to the shop. I put on the hinges for the lock on the display case. dragged out the shelf to put it on. Found three train engines to take to the space for the man who is coming on tuesday to see them. Slow going on the jewels. I can’t seem to decide what can go. Especially since I saw Madeline albright has two hundred. She can only wear one at a time too. She picks one to reflect her mood or the occasion. Well, can I do less? After all we’re the same vintage. Beads, pearls, pins. bracelets, how I love bracelets! Oh yes and then there are earrings. Oh my, have I mentioned rings? I used to wear them on all fingers. Now they get in my way so I wear one at a time. I do love to change them though. Hats! I love them. I wish I had more occasions to wear them.  Boy am I pooped. I hauled so much stuff that I am sore all over. Guess I’d better put my feet up.

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