dent in the den

Stopped the shifting for cheese and crackers with tomato soup. I was thinking about yesterday. There was a little old lady about 4 feet tall with a retired chief of detectives from Rialto. They looked to be close to eighty but very spry. He is now a gun dealer. While he was negotiating a deal for a sword. She pulled me to the back room and told me to take a franciscan sherbert dish and wrap it up before her husband could see it. He had forbidden her to by any more."But I don’t have a sherbert and after all I have my own money." I did as she asked and wrapped it up. He stepped to the register. "What did you buy?" he asked her. "Oh just a couple of little things." she replied. "How much is it?" ‘I have my own money.", she said. " I’ll buy those too. Just add it to my bill."  I handed him the bill and he about shit. It came to 35 dollars. He paid it and said nothing. She just smiled sweetly and took the package. Jackie giggled. He had haggled her down 25 dollars on the sword.

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