All shall be revealed

I got home at 3:00p.m. and unloaded with John’s help. Didn’t have anything new except two cd’s. One is the rosary so I can pray it in the car and the other an operatic tenor I saw at the conference that I really like. That one is also for the car. We made such good time coming home that I stopped at vallartas for torts and found the perfect frijole olla. I am cooking a pot as we speak. Smells heavenly. The conference was much like the trip. Starts and stops and snits and fits. I loved it. I had some really awesome encounters and am home ready to put everything I absorbed to work. I am soooo glad I went. I didn’t stay for sunday because after sat afternoon I was champing at the bit to get home and put some of the changes I want to make into gear. The way I see it it is going to make things a lot better.  I did not go to bed fri and sat   before 1 a.m. so the first thing I will do after the pot of beans is to sleep. The animal pack was thrilled to see me home early and are catching up on their sleep. I guess they didn’t sleep too good either. I got some sopes so tonight I will make bean sopes with avacado, tomato, onion, carnitas and the world famous olla beans, Yum! I also picked up some punkin turnovers for dessert.  

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