retraint to the four winds

I was successful at restraining myself at the peace conference but this one did me in! Face paints, new puppets, name tag, Oh my. I failed completely at my third beginner class in ballooning. I couldn’t even make a flying mouse. I’m going to be much better at face and body painting. I will not give up on the balloons. I went to Hastings and got a klutz book. People like those pesky baloons. I picked up all the discarded flying mice and before I got to the next class people begged for them and I didn’t have a one left to study. So I will persevere until I conquer the craft. Hung out with the kingman and havasu crowd today. They invited me to work Kabam with them in May. I was quite happy that they wanted to include me. I’m working on an easier to work in outfit because it’s hot then. I got super clown keds at garage sale prices. They usually run over a c note but because I have small feet I got them for 10. They will probably be too hot for summer so I reserve them for parades only. Another full day tomorrow. I’m thinking I’ll cut it short on thursday because that is the competetion day so I’ll watch the paints and call it quits. I’m working this weekend and will need some down time. All in all a great day.

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