The people never stopped coming. We threw them out at 5:30(we close at 5:00. Sold stuff hand over fist.  Got an early christmas present from Don. Free shelf for the months of nov and dec to put up holiday stuff. Rats! I was going to wait til after turkey day. Now I have to dig stuff out asap. Bought a great watch from Darlene. It’s a wind up one. Bracelet. I raced home to fire up the stove for bitty bird who is sitting fluffed by his water. He is such a darling! I’ll have to look into investing in a heater for days I work and can’t use the stove. The other guys are sturdy and can take it. Gloria and Darlene came in to decorate out free shelves. Gloria brought me a chai iced from starbucks. She put bows on anything that would stand still and they had a great time hanging out with us. She didn’t leave until it was time for mass. It was a great day all the way around.  I even got Gloria to help put the stuff up from the mall. I won’t have to worry about anything but christmas stuff unless I sell a lot of stuff. You never know. I’m looking forward to the open house. I’m still pooped! One more day and back to the library.

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