The work week is over and it wasn’t an easy one. Sat is the open house at the spaces. Edith canceled the boom box so that gives me friday to try to pull the house together and decorate. i have some tweaks in the bedroom, muck out in the den and find a place for a tree in the parlor. I think this year we have to work on our personalized ornaments so everybody out there…. get to work on your ornament! It is really cold today. Bless John for getting the mini logs in the front yard for me. The only funny event was the invitation from room 114 to Dianne. I shall reserve that story for the christmas around the fire story time. It was a knee slapper! If this blog seems a little disconnected it’s because I knocking back the marsala wine. I’ve had it with this day. I’m knocking myself out and starting fresh tomorrow. Is there a new moon? 

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