oh boy!

Tooties package came. I tore into the present, shelved all the books, shifted the F section and sat down to enjoy P.D. James. Jimminy Crickets Only on page 20 and I had to run to the big websters dictionary 6 times. Gadzooks! She must have written it for eggheads who speak english! I love it anyway. Lots of good information. Years ago I took a mystery fiction class by mail from One of the UC’s and even though I remember most of it. She had some new stuff  or maybe just a new way of looking at the old stuff I learned. I like it. Thank you tootie. I love it. The poet and writers mag has articles that I need to read now if I am going to get motivated to put my ass in the chair and make something up. Tomorrow I am signing up for a class at palo verde about the ins and outs of evidence. I’ll bet that will jump start me. I’m thinking that I just don’t have the right protagonist yet. I know he’s lurking just around the corner. I had dinner with Yo so I got home late. Threw all the wood in the yard into big can and put them on the porch. It’s going to rain and I have to leave early so I won’t have a chance tomorrow. A bath, and more p.d. james. It’s cold so the little stove is singing.

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