Yo came early to make sure I didn’t miss my appt. London put in the apparatus. He must have used the stick with the big numbers because this time it fit! Seems to be doing the job so far, but it is early in the day yet. Yo took me to wally world to get roses. We both came home with some really fragrant ones. Hope they take. Have to wait a few days because I am somewhat sore and I don’t want to dislodge the apparatus. Rocky called to ask me to adopt her parakeets. They are too messy for her taste. Of course I said of course. I’ll pick them up tomorrow. While at WW I picked up a lot of fruit. The Dr scale says I lost 3 pounds since last visit which was two weeks ago. I’m encouraged to keep on. Things are looking up. I may be able to resume my regular work plans soon, I have new roomates(parakeets), the weather is mild, I have new rose bushes and the kitchen is almost done. Life is indeed very good. Well today anyway. Class tonight hope it isn’t raining at 6:30. The sky is glowering and it is a bit chilly.

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