I’ve been boasting lately that I have not had my back go out in over a year. Yesterday while poop scooping I threw it out. Great! Right when I am expected to be cheerful helping Jackie at the Antique show. Thankfully there is a santo vendor there, Maybe he knows who the saint for bad backs is. I was going to plant some japaneese radishes which is why I was poop scooping. So much for that! I’m doing the laundry and then going out to watch Jackies space so she can have lunch. I had a great time yesterday anyway. I got to see a lot of my associates that I’d not seen for awhile. Craig and E, Sue, Brass balls, and Penni. The stations were good. Phil was upset with father from morning mass and kept coming over to tell me about it. He refuses to carry the cross unless father asks him. I was irritated by the sacristan who kept trying to talk him into it and I snapped at her. Dang it. I was trying to do my sorrows chaplet in thanksgiving for Keith’s med problem. They caught it in time. No cancer. Yo didn’t make it. She was knee deep in Aimee’s b-day celebrations. Raymond is still down in the back. Got stuck in the shower. I know about that one. When my backs out I don’t shower. I take a bath and roll out. Can’t wait to see how the antique show goes today. Hope I make some new friends.

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