Bishop town hall meeting was very interesting. Good turnout. Even Father Casey came in from Henderson for the event. According to Isaiah it was just window dressing. Musn’t expect a change. Watching the Oscars I was interupted by emergency vehicle lights flashing against the walls. I went out to find 5 cop cars. a huge fire engine, a little fire truck and an ambulance blocking the street. Rose again. I thought perhaps there had been a homicide. Upon meeting rose this morning she said she and her middle daughter had been assaulted by some neighbors on the next street. She has a broken nose and a human bite on her arm. Amanda has bumps and bruises. Susie escaped unharmed. She said she will be pressing charges. I was surprised by the best picture award at the Oscars. I haven’t seen it yet. It’s next on my list. I really don’t care to see the others.

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