Dr Frankenstein

Dr Frankenstein pulled my tooth yesterday. It was not an easy job. The instrument slipped and gouged my gum. He had to grind down a portruding bone and ended up having to slice the gum and put in stitches. All my arm and leg muscles are strained from gripping and pushing. I’m sure glad this one is done. Now if it will heal quickly I’ll be happy. Talking makes it swell up again so I skipped the stations. Looks like I’ll be hanging out at home with intermittent  napping. Even the slightest of activity exhausts me. I guess it is the local working it’s way out. I have a hard knot at the sight so it is cool cloths off and on. Applesauce and grits are not very satisfying. The first thing I’ll do when I heal up is have a plate of porkchops and fried potatoes!

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