The last time I was at Goodwill Joey, the manager, gave me a bag of jewelry odds and ends he didn’t want to plow through. I hadn’t looked in it so last night I gave it to Dianne to play with. She likes that kind of stuff. A few minutes into it she let out a shriek and dropped the bag. "A friggin tooth!" she sputtered. "Jesus, it’s somebody’s tooth." I thought she had found a bug. "where?" i asked calmly. ""Ick, ick there." she pointed at a bridge with one tooth and a gap. Next to it was a cap. "Hmmmn," I said
"Gold. I guess that’s why it’s with the jewelry." I plucked it out and put them in a box. Maybe I could have it fashioned into s prndant. That was the end of poking in the odds and ends.

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