Pooped! Two days in a row at the cottage with shoppers out the door. Really interesting shoppers. People with vacation homes here, local and out of town dealers wanting a deal. It was 90 degrees but that didn’t stop them. Fenton dealer from LA, hawaii from down the street, junk jewelry from locals who come once a month for a treat(mother, daughter duo). They run a semi pick a part yard. Jackie has bronchial pneumonia so we worked with Don. Di doodled up the space. Looks good. I totted around opening cases and wrapping purchases.  Done for the month! Moved the chickens into larger quarters. They were leaping around and trying out their wings. They completly destroyed their mini bale of hay. Fun to watch. The Rhode Island reds have been named. Chicken little and henny penny. Four more to go. I swear they grew right before our eyes.

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