blink oF AN EYE

In the blink of an eye things change. After almost two years of not writing a story and procrastinating on revisions. Boom! I started a new story. The tea party prep has kept me busy, too busy for much else. But here we are. Tomorrow is the day and I’m ready. Bring it on. John came in day before yesterday and last night he fixed the pump on the den cooler. Just in the nick of time. I’m writing a new story and I need to get to that computer. This weekend we’ll get the new cooler for my bedroom and the fence for the chicken coop. Back to cleaning the back yard. Chickens are growing like the weeds I pick for them everyday. The look like leggy teenagers. Sooo cute. I named them. Tillie and millie, Henny and penny, scarlet and red. Leghorms, bard rock, and rhode island reds.

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