the bee war

Word count 20,131 One third of the way home. The last 48 hour have tried me sorely. John went to fix a leak in a faucet by a bee hive. They became hostile and went to war with us. Twice John was attacked by hordes of them. The last time they attacked me as I went to his aid. He was running in small circles covered with them. A cloud of them chased me across the street to his hose as I passed him in a dead run urging him to follow. I knew the hose would get them off and it did. We ,must have hosed down for thirty minutes and they would not give up. Finally they subsided enough for me to go to the firedepartment, dripping wet and incoherent. They and two trucks came and decided there was nothing they could do. Because I had to deal with our own attack I could not help the chickens who were stung mercilessly. Four died. One appears to be well and the other improving. At least she has made it through the day so I have high hopes. Dennis the onearmed bee keeper came and killed quite a few but many remain. John got the pipe back together in spurts and after two days, I have water. I can flush the toilet, wash the dishes and I took a bath and washed my hair that still had dead bees in it not to mention my head is wall to wall bumps. I am sincerely traumatized. Tomorrow I will call vector control who was unavailable all weekend. I don’t know how this will end but I have water, two surviving chickens and 20,000 words plus on my book. All was not bad. I hope those bees get tired of war and leave before anything else happens. Now, Wouldn’t that be nice! And, oh yes, I’m getting taken out to dinner. I chose denny’s. I got sick and threw up green stuff followed by horrendous stomach cramps. I guess the poison went to my stomach. My heart must be fine because with the last forty eight hour trial, I should have had a heart attack or a stroke. I did not. But my head still hurts. Shit! i hate bees!

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