Vector Control returns to tell me I need an exterminator, they are not licensed for structures. Bug emergency shows up and will return tonight to murder the opposing forces. Of course that is unless his wife decided today is the day to deliver the new baby. In that case it will have to be postponed because they are from corona and there is no one here to be with her, I am very hopeful. I can’t wait for seven p.m. and be done with this saga. I’m sure there will be repairs in my future. His investigation stirred them up so we, including the surviving chickens are hunkered down in the house awaiting special forces to assault them. He said, "They’re agressive!" Well that is an understatement.
On a brighter note there are 24 thousand words which is about a little more than a third on my story. I’m going to edit to that point. It has to be done and will probably eliminate cutting and adjusting later. I guess half a novel is better than none, but I’m going to try anyway. Can’t hurt.

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