the war is over

The Bug emergency man left at 8:30 with 2 bee forts four feet wide, three feet long and they had started another one. It wieghed about 75 pounds and filled two trash bags. THEY ARE DEAD! THOUSANDS OF THEM! One small? problem, the corner of the house is in sad shape and the water pipe is leaking again. BUT. My little survivors the two white chickens are in a bird cage in the dining room and chirp contentedly as I type. They are complaning about the cramped quearters,and they try to escape everytime I open the door. But they are alive and safe until Saturday when Bug emergency star Jesse say they can resume their normal lives. I still resemble a wild bag lady and the bumps on my head are still yielding stingers, but I’m not throwing up anymore and I can tell you for sure that my heart is in great shape.I have flushing toilets, and I can outrun john. I think that life is wonderful when you have flushing toilets and a strong heart. Jesse is my hero. The fire department couldn’t do it, the police department couldn’t do it, Code enforcement couldn’t do it.Vector control was not able to do it. Jesse from bug emergency Did it and in short order! Life goes on.

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