word count 44706

Been writing away since thursday, almost 45K.  It’s been cool. Today it started out windy after the sun came up.  I stayed up most of the night reading craig’s new book. It showed up on the new book to be released shelf and Steven gave it to me yesterday.  I like it a lot. I don’t know how he does it. Finally he got rid of that going back and forth so it was the kind of story I like. Plus it had dogs in it  and not as much mushy stuff.  His Indian is a lot more dignified than mine. Maybe I should say more politically correct.  He had pot in his so I guess drugs are the current interest. This writing stuff ain’t for sissies.  I get stuck wander around pulling my hair and agonizin. I sit in front of the computer and type nonsense and then erase it and finally after much effort go forward for a little while.  Wish I had a donut.

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