Yes I did. Mailed it off at 3:30. Postmarked today.  Here goes nothing.  Now I got something to fine tune for the conference. The last 10k were the hardest.  At 8 a.m. the brain shut down and I didn’t have a clue where I was going to find 4 thousand more words, but at 1:50 i had the 60k. It took an hour and a half to print it and the printer sounds like it’s gears are grinding.  Mid point I had to put in a new ink cartridge . I only had 1 jam.  3:30 I was standing infront of the P.O. clerk and she is finished.  It is not the best that it can be, but it will be by november.  First priority, a better writing set up.  Hope the printer holds.  Everybody needs a hobby, torturing myself appears to be mine. Consider the other possibilities, gambling,drug,alcohol addiction. Hypochondriac. Now I have to wash the dishes and slowly try to get the place operational.

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