Hot again today.  I can’t get over how much the chickens love their swimming pool.  The stand in it and cool off. Even the little ones.  THere is much pushing and shoving . Finished up the work week with a meeting at the Needles Library. They are facing huge lay offs and so is Laughlin.  I guess it is just a matter of time before it hits Mohave county. Everybody is shaking in their boots. It was a meeting of the library alliance. The president was at a show in Las Vegas.  Must be nice. He is the librarian at the college. Big buddy of our Big Boss, that is why he lets us take time off to go. The Coal Plant, Laughlin, our number two boss, Mary the branch manager, Joyce and I were there.  We had a gay old time discussing gay pride week.  Pun intended. Oh yes, we reported that we will be having a Fairy event in September.  Lots of discussion followed that announcement.

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