anxious day

Spent the day monitoring the adjustment of the chickens to their new space. After one attempt to escape they settled in quite nicely, finding their food and water convenient. After a day of exploring they settled down for the night exhausted. The reds,buffs and bards retired to their customary  place but the whites are sleeping on a stump away from the cage.  I put in the night lights and smallest like it. The whites prefer it dark.  The party was successful and everyone had a great time. In attendance were John, Connie, Dora, Sam, Ernie, Yo and Raymond. Rock and Towboy were in a mental meltdown due to some problem with Martina. Gary is convinced he has pneumonia. There was much chitty chat and hilarity. Scott is waiting word on his interview, Jim is not looking for work. Going to ride out the unemplyment. Stella was in Sunday and left today.  Chip and Chick are notorious since they hit cyberspace. I’m still not getting the hang of the droid, but not giving up. Tomorrow I have a date with Ford for service-work, wake service for Ernie Casas at 7, Wed work  Haircut and funeral, Thursday too many frogs, sat and sun cottage. Oh my, I am too busy.  Added a few lines to the book and the den is better.  I threw the jewels in a box as toot suggested and got on with the main project. I found  my favorite fountain pens so I’ll play with them at work tomorrow. I love jotting notes with them. I’m looking forward to a change of scenery at the wedding. I’ll bet i hear some great dialogue.

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