Looks like it is going to remain hot and humid for the next week or so.  The wedding in the mountains was lovely. The decorations and the food were great. Everybody looked spiffy. Got to see toot, rachel and the new kids, Kyle,and Katie. The weather was brutal, the heat followed us up the mountain. The oak trunk candy is still as good as ever and I got to go to a few shops.  Work this week was a trial and the lab work was too. Egad… now I remember why i stay well.  Back to the home cookiing and happy attitude. Working on the house and the new chicken cage this weekend. I am going to keep the chipmunks in the house til the weather breaks.  They should be hardy enough then.  I got a new kit for making talisman jewelery if i get some time I want to work on it. I have no shortage of material in the broken bead jar.  Joyce observed that it doesn’t seem like I’m having enough fun lately, she could be right.  My writers newsletter arrived so I need to work on my next submission this week.

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