time marches on

Chipmunk project is a big bust. There is no way that they will coexist with the big girls.  They were clinging to the fence crying when I got home on tuesday. I had to relocate them back to their little cage where they settled down and relaxed immediately,  I’m going to have to build them their own little chateau. The cottage was fun on monday. Darlene, Don and gloria were fun and D came by to sort my junk jewelry.  Work is routine. We’re getting ready for next event. Weather is the absolute pits. A storm came skittering by leaving more humidity and a few spits of rain. Cooler weather is predicted.  We’ll see. Dumpster is ready to fill so there will be some of that this weekend.  I’m planning a pulled pork, chip chateau, dumping into the dumpster and writing.  If it does cool off there is plenting of time for it all. Tonight is my first class.  I can’t wait to see how that goes.  I only have three more classes for a certificate.  Imagine, a certified investigator. wow!

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