Michael Talbot was really interesting and entertaining. I didn’t know he has a community in Arkansas that operates retreats. They are an order that is a branch of Francicans.  Religious Hippie came to mind. I bought several of his books including their rule.  I really liked the two hours. It went by so fast you hardly realized it was so long.  We all enjoyed it and were inspired to use some of the excercises he taught. Mary our library manager and her husband, Dianne and I sang along and loved the jjokes.  It was different from his performance at the conference in Irvine I’ve seen him at. There he just sang. Here he talked, joked and sang. He called himself a modern contemplative. After the concert we went to a mexican market for salsa, sweet rolls and other mexicany stuff. Dinner at th Golden Corral.  They always have chicken livers and cabbage. We got home by 11 so I got plenty of rest.  We started walking today. D and I need to take off some pounds. It is very cool today so I’m making some pulled pork sopes.  I got the sopes at the mexican market.

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