oh my

Gor everything done on the list and ready to build the new chipmunk space. Of course nothing can go that smooth. The feed is full of little bugs. I have to take it back. My  left eye is improved the right is the same.  New glasses on wednesday and he beefed up the bifocal so I can read better because I’m doing so much of it with the writing and the classes etc.  I enrolled in a storytelling class at work on the web from the state library. I can go at my own pace and have a year to finish it.  I think it will be helpful everywhere. I’m really enjoying my class. The instuctor is a little napoleon. The classmates are not as challenging as the little explorer scout. The weather heated up pretty good but it isn’t the fierce blast of the past few weeks.  The forcast says it will cool down again.  Hope they are right.

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