the worst

Tuffy Buffington tried to lay and egg and it was encased in membrane. I had to do emergency surgery. I turned the hose on her bottom. Loosened the membrane and cut it away. A perfectly formed egg was released but there was membrane still attached.  She was so soothed by the water and the procedure that she did not struggle so it was fairly easy.  She seems better but I’ll have to wait and see if she survives. If I had not cut it away she would have died because chickens die from being egg bound. There was not blood so I don’t think I cut anything vital.  Just have to wait and see.  Now I am experiencing post traumatic syndrome. Wish the nurse had not been sick.  I could have used some support.  Then again it was probably for the best.  Hope Tuffy recovers. She is such a good chicken. The egg was perfect.  I guess the apparatus was faulty.

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