tuffy still going

Tuffy is still going strong.  Henny got out this morning but by the time I got up she was ready to go back in. Two eggs today but one dented. Pretty boy gets it.  Went to kingman and it was an unusually good event.  I dressed up but so busy I never got a picture so I’l dress up in the outfit someday just to record it. Met a couple of new people that I had not chatted with before. That was nice. guess I’ll visit ’em. Cottage tomorrow so I’ll hit the sack early.  Mexican fiesta I need to hit before I go home.  I’ll pick up a couple of tacos hopefully. A little warm today but not bad.  Wish it would cool down. I can’t put in hay for the chickens because mold will kill them.  I have to wait until I can turn off the misters for good.

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