a trying day

At the cottage, Kari my fellow worker had a crashing toothache. She brought her son who was a constant source of irritation to her. We had a busy day with many shoppers and visitors. Jackie, Cathy and Glo came by in that order.  After work I rushd to the mexican event just in time to hear the poets.  They were very powerful in their readings. I especially like Norberto Cisneros from cottonwoods account of his cousins resurrection after his grandmother battled God for him. Angel Perales from Los Angeles read several of his poems and I liked them all but my favorite was his Haiku poem that was not a Haike poem at all. He was inspired by the Kamakazi  pilots who carried theirs with them on their suicide flights and decided to try his hand at it.   So glad I made the effort. Chuck and Agnes Van duesen, Bruce from the library and me were the only people I knew. The tacos did not show up.  Those darn mexicans operate so hap hazardly.

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