october 4

Connie and did our interviews after a lovely lunch at Perkins. It was grand fun at lunch and the interviews too. We have the tapes so anyone who would like one can have one. They can hear it at the Smithsonian too if they like. I came home with a punkin pie.  Not very good. I like my own the best so I guess I shall have to make some. Cherry too!  I went out to the pen and discovered we had our first THREE EGG DAY. Wow. It was an all around memorable day.


One response to “october 4

  1. Okay, I was finally able to get just a user name, without having to accept a blog, and, obviously, I’ve gotten into YOUR blog. It certainly isn’t as colorful as your ould LIVEspace blog, but it is very clean, and will in the end still do the same thing.

    So, congrats! We continue–you writing, me reading.