time gallops

Got through the work week and went to the MLA conference in Kingman.  It was really good.  I learned all about e readers and e books. Got to play with them. I like the kindle that is the size of a paper back the best.  I don’t really want one. But they are really fun. I was elected our cluster rep. Just what I need another hat.  The directors assistant pleaded with me so I said o.k.. If I can get more of the library people coming we won’t have so much trouble getting people to work. Met the woman from the Crit Library. I will be taking a trip down there to see her.  I liked her. She is 10 years younger, but we have a lot in common. She brings her mom to the eye doctor in Bullhead so I think maybe I’ll invite her to lunch on her next trip  Amelia Flores is her name. Her mom is mexican and her dad is Spanish. She loves second hand stores.  Tomorrow is the fun fair where I will be Magdala the gypsy.  After the affair we are going over to the psychic fair to get a reading.  That should be fun too!


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