It rained off and on all day. Unlike the last one it was gentle. Di survived the first day without killing anyone despite the lack of cake. Had lunch with Rose and Derek. Good time. Didn’t get a lot done on the Olympic display because Circ was crazy monday.  Eva is gone tomorrow and I work all day. Hope it goes well.



Last day until the 6th. The library was a total squirrel cage. The closure hit the front page and people streamed in all day to swoop books off the shelves to keep them in reads until we reopen. I have never seen the new book shelf so empty. The workmen tripped all over each other and still didn’t get us up and running. No electricity, computer hookups or shelving.  Mary informed us that YS will be the first to move since our shelves are up there’s are not. Hah I’m off until Wednesday. I wish them luck. I’m lucky they have move without air, light, or electricity. They can’t even plug in a fan. Generator time!  My 3 day Novel uniform is in. Four days and all systems go!

heavens open up

6:30 p.m. A passing grey cloud opened up and dropped raindrops the size of quail eggs. The temp dropped from 122 to 80 in an instant. Hallelujah. Answered prayers. 8:30 p.m. Temp spikes back up to broiling. Another restless nite. aaaargh.

Two murders

Last two days hovered at the 124 mark. I wonder if the two men who were murdered this week met someone severely overheated? Work is kicking my butt. I’m doing so much shelving that I have a callous started on the top of my foot where the shoe rubs. The library gets up around 85 in the afternoons. I don’t know how those construction guys do it. No news at the library.  Everybody is in a rut waiting for the big move. My last day is the 30th then I’m off until the 6th.


August is proving  just as horrible as July. July was hot and humid almost the month-long. Many changes were logged in July. Robert Shupe and Joyce moved on to greener pastures effective this week. People at work are acting like chickens with their heads lopped off. Mr Moto is finally back on track with a tune up and new handles.  The cottage remains steady. The house project is stalled until cooler weather but it has not worsened, that is a plus.


It’s about time…Starting to have early morning cool. Last night was pretty hot until midnight. Lake Havasu was fun. Visit to the cupcake cafe.


It is 65 in this room! Quite a change. Hope it holds. First Saturday.