New girls in the coop.

Last week Dot went out visiting and came back with two black homeless chickens. They have settled in nicely but Lady Astor is having a fit because they have taken over the mister. Chog says they will eat us out of house and home. I have not named them yet but they enjoy being petted. I have tried to assure everyone that there is plenty of mist and feed for all of them. They have turned a deaf ear.


Crystal Lake, California

Crystal Lake is a close knit community of 8000 people. Our friends, Dolores, Feliz and Juan Lucero live and work there. They live with their mother and work at the Crystal Lake General Hospital. The girls in the housekeeping department and Juan in maintenance. They witness the daily drama involving the staff and patients. Today the drama involves the girls

The thunderclouds had been gathering all day and now at three o’clock in the afternoon, mother nature was putting on a spectacular light show accompanied with amazing sound effects.

The girls were cleaning in room 103 when the room lit up with lightning and after a thunderous clap of thunder shook the walls,the lights flickered and promptly went out leaving the room in darkness.

“Don’t move” Dolores said, “The generator will start and bring up the lights.”

“Are you sure?” Feliz said. “That was a big noise and a big light.”

“See, I told you.” The lights came back on.

Feliz walked to the bed and peered down at the patient. “Don’t worry Mrs. Gray, I heard April showers bring May flowers.”

She stepped back from the bed.  “Call the nurse, there is something wrong with Mrs. Gray.”

Ramona edged up to the bed, stepped back quickly and gasped. Her hand flew to cover her mouth as she stood transfixed staring at the bed.

Feliz picked up the room phone.”Great! I always have to do things myself. No not you, operator.  There is something wrong with the patient in room 103. Call the nurse.” Feliz looked at the phone. “No I didn’t press the call light.” She pressed the call light. A harried voice came over the intercom.

“How can I help you, Mrs. Gray?”

“This is Feliz Lucero from housekeeping. Something is wrong with your patient, you better come see.”

Dolores was frozen in horror.  Feliz grabbed her by the arm and backed out the door

“Is she dead?” Dolores whispered.

“I am no doctor, but I have never seen anyone that color before.”



I am so lost. I can’t seem to get into my website

River Writers of Bullhead CITY

We heard  a lot of good information on Kindle, Amazon and Create a Space publishing. Anybody going to Kabaam?  April 5th. I wrote a poem about Brenda and as usual they guessed first time.


My goodness! I got the response to my lesson in the Sexy Synopsis class. I have discovered that I have murder at the auction barn all wrong.  I’m thinks of scrapping the whole thing and one of the characters. No wonder I was having trouble. If you cannot provide a good synopsis you don’t have a good book. So it is back to the drawing board for me. Charlene gets chopped, the story starts with the murder and it happens on Antique row at Gravel Gertie’s shop. Major rewrite.

February flew by

I’m almost done with the MCC class and finished the Guppy class and enrolled in two more. The weather has been very hot for a few days followed by very cold for a few more. When it is very cold I sit in front of the pot-bellied stove and nothing gets done. I did my first guppy critique of 19 pages but haven’t heard back from the author. I’m working on Murder at the Auction Barn. The  classes are helping.

The word press class has me tinkering around with this page again. I’m thinking about a web page but I need to know more.  The synopsis class is going to help me go forward with the Auction Barn story.


Homeless chickens Occupy Acoma Coop

Homeless chickens Occupy Acoma Coop

Large chicken snoop protests new occupants .